Glue dot

Glue dots are used for fixing samples or cards to paper/plastic surfaces.

Glue dot

We can produce glue dots with pressure-sensitive adhesives or with permanent adhesive.

Size of dot – 9mm (size may vary from 8 to 10mm (near the core), but volume of glue is equal.

We can produce dots with bigger size on demand.

Glue strip

Glue strip similar to glue dot, but it has bigger size (10x70mm) and more glue in a stripe.

Glue stripe can help you to fix big sample which glue dot can’t handle.

Glue strip

Label with two-sided adhesion

Label has two adhesive sides: permanent adhesive from one liner’s side and removable adhesive from the other.

This label is used for pasting in samples inside magazines and brochures. Labels with two-sided adhesion prevent paper’s damage and spots from the glue.

Label sticks plastic card carefully to the cardholder, the card peels off without spots of glue. Different shape and sizes are available.

Label with two-sided adhesion Machine for manual application of glue dots and labels Machine for manual application of glue dots and labels